CCF: Civil Contractors Federation


CCF: Civil Contractors Federation

Comply with a recognised civil construction management code, but reduce the costs associated with a complete certification program.

The job of a civil contractor is quite intricate and challenging. It is for this reason that they are encouraged to implement integrated management systems in order to perform tasks more efficiently and effectively. Civil contractors can utilise a management system for a structured and documented approach towards their business operations without requiring certification for international standards. Doing so makes it easier to achieve business goals.

These management system can either be developed from scratch, or existing system can be customised to meet business needs. Software packages such as the CCF SCIMS and CCF IMS feature templates which can be modified to reflect specific services.

What is the civil construction management code?

Designed by the Australian Civil Contractors Federation or the CCF, civil construction management is a code which is based on international standards for quality, safety, and environmental management. These management systems have been tailored to meet the needs of the civil construction industry and allow businesses to show their compliance without getting fully certified.

The civil construction management code is based on

  • Quality management system (QMS): Aims at meeting customer and regulatory requirements for all products and services. Your customers become happy, thereby increasing your sales and profits. Learn more by visiting ISO 9001 Quality Management.
  • Environmental management system (EMS): Identifies, controls, and minimises the environmental impact of business activities. The system also offers a continual improvement process. Learn more by visiting ISO 4001 Environmental Management.

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With a CCF code  you can

  • Show compliance: Your business demonstrates compliance to internationally recognised standards as well as requirements specific to the construction industry.
  • Increase your profits: Since you are complying with the standards and continually improving your processes, your efficiency and productivity increase and will highly likely to increase profits.
  • Boost sales: Your customers are satisfied because you cater to their needs, and so they place more orders with you.
  • Reduce staff turnover: With a proper construction management code in place, your workplace becomes safer which increases your staff morale, leading to low turnover rates.

Is the civil construction management code right for your business?

The civil construction management code is a good choice for your business if it takes on construction projects such as the following.

  • Land development
  • Roads and bridges
  • Dams and pipelines
  • Electricity distribution
  • Telecommunications infrastructures

Next steps

Show to the world that you have implemented best practices in construction by getting certified.

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