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HACCP Food Safety

Implement quality and standardised manufacturing processes with the Food Safety HACCP Certification.

Food safety is a primary requirement which businesses must meet in today’s competitive world. Consumers demand quality, which can be met only when you implement a standardised management system. Many renowned companies have already adopted a food safety plan to prevent food hazards. You can also join the league by signing up for Food Safety HACCP certification.

A Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points, abbreviated as HACCP is an important certification if you want to demonstrate your compliance with both national and international food safety legislations. The system is accepted as the most economical method of preventing food contamination from physical, chemical, and microbiological hazards.

What is Food Safety HACCP Certification?

Food Safety HACCP certification is a system which provides you with a methodical approach, aimed at process improvement. Thus, you increase your quality, delivering exactly what customers expect from you.

A food safety management audit evaluates your production processes and identifies potential practices which exhibit food safety risks. These hazards are controlled by applying preventative control at various critical points such as equipment, supply chain, employee training or process monitoring.

At a minimum level, HACCP certification meets  General Principles of Food Hygiene. At Sustainable Certification™ , we can modify the system and offer you a customised solution that meets other product related codes and standards, relevant to your business.

Food Safety Management system is based on

There are seven main principles which form the basis of food safelymanagementsystems.

  • Hazard analysis
  • Identification of critical control points
  • Establishment of critical limits
  • Implementation of monitoring procedures
  • Corrective actions
  • Verification of processes
  • Documentation of the entire system

With Food Safety HACCP certification, you can

  • Show your commitment towards food safety
  • Assures your clients, buyers and concerned authorities that you are following proper, safe and standardised processes for food production
  • Prevent food recalls from occurring
  • Improve the quality of your products
  • Minimise waste
  • Decrease cost associated with production
  • Review and improve your system on a continuous basis

Is the Food Safety HACCP certification right for your business?

You should get a Food Safety HACCP certification if you want to be recognised as a business which follows a standard food safety management system. The system can be applied to any sector of the food industry whether you are a primary producer, manufacturer, processor or food service operator.

How can we help?

Sustainable Certification™ offers you a customised food safety management program which will be aimed at increasing food safety and ensuring that you comply with legal requirements. We will assess your processes right from the start until completion. Wherever we identify potential hazards, we will control them through preventative procedures.

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