COVID-19 policy

We in Australia like the rest of the world in helping “to stop the spread” of COVID-19. Australian like many other governments have imposed various measures to flatten the curve. This means that our auditors have been restricted from visiting customer premises to conduct audits.

We at sustainable are here to help our customers maintain their certification valid, so that they can continue to partake in jobs that may require them to be certified. Consequently Sustainable Certification™ has implemented JAS-ANZ accredited processes to conduct remote audits using Information and Communications technology (ICT). Of course these audits cannot replace the real onsite audits but are being carried out during these extraordinary circumstances. Some of the platforms our auditors have successfully used include Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime etc. We don’t have any preference to any as long as both the auditors and customers agree on a set of tools. It is important to note it may still be necessary as soon as practicable for a site visit to confirm the findings during the remote audits.

These ICT audits may be synchronous or asynchronous by customers submitting evidences by email or other transfer methods, we acknowledge that the information is confidential in nature and will be used only in the course of the audit. It will not used for any other purposes and auditors will destroy or remove your information from their possessions.

We have put in place many measures to ensure current audit schedule is maintained so that certificates are current. However we also understand that not every customer is in a position to participate in a remote audit. In such circumstances we may be able to extend the audits by a few months. In order for this to happen, you must apply to SC for special consideration and meet the criteria for approval. If approved, we will require as a minimum the following documentary evidence upfront:

• Agenda & minutes from Management Review meetings
• Agenda & minutes/reports from Internal audits, clearly demonstrating with evidences of implementation.
• Updated risk register (including legal, regulatory recruitments) and appreciate risk treatment Plans.

We will also require 50% of audit agreed fees to be paid upfront prior to extending certificate dates.
Our auditors will look at the documents provided and determine if an extension can be approved.

Once a decision is finalised we will communicate to you. We can only extend to a maximum period of 6 months and if we are unable to conduct the audit, we will have to restart the certification process starting with a stage 1 audit.

Like all other businesses impacted, we are hopeful this will be over soon as we will all be able to resume normality and carry on the business as usual.

Be safe and stay healthy


Swami Nathan

18th December 2020

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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