This is an optional service where we review your existing management systems in relation to requirements of the relevant standards for certification. This process is valuable if you are uncertain of meeting all certification requirements and will assist in more efficient preparation for the certification audit.

We provide you with a summary report identifying any gaps and recommended actions that need to be addressed prior to commencing the certification audit.


Stage 1 Audit

A review of your management system(s) documentation is undertaken as the first step in the certification process, primarily to verify that your system(s) are designed to conform to requirements of the standards and achieve your policy objectives.

You will receive a summary report outlining the strengths and weaknesses of your management systems. We typically highlight any gaps that need to be resolved before proceeding to the next stage of the certification audit. Once identified gaps are addressed, the lead auditor will recommend to progress to the Certification Audit


Certification Audit

The Certification Audit is conducted on site to verify that you have implemented the management system across your organisation. A representative sample of the organisation is considered to evaluate how you are meeting the requirements of the standards. Audit findings will be mad e available via our online portal within 10 days of audit completion. Findings may include major or minor non-conformances, including observations designed to assist you further improve your processes.

When you have passed The Certification Audit we will issue you a certificate of registration, valid for 3 years. The certification logos will be issued and can be appropriately displayed in accordance with Code of Practice requirements.


Years 2& 3: Cert Maintenance

We will conduct an annual Surveillance Audit to check the ongoing implementation of management systems across your organisation. This is also an opportunity to follow up on areas for improvement and enhance performance. A Triennial Audit is completed at the end of your three-year cycle. Generally, this will be longer than a Surveillance Audit, but shorter than a Certification Audit. The whole process continues again over a three- year cycle and you will be provided with a certification agreement at this time.

Surveillance audit reports and Triennial audit reports will be posted on the online portal within 10 days of audit completion. Our objective is to assist you remain compliant and provide support for ongoing improvement of your management systems.