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We’ve worked in this business long enough to know what it takes to offer added value to our customers. We not only help you cut costs of acquiring the certification but also enable you to receive it sooner through efficient processing methods. At every point in time, you are given complete access to track your application, thereby allowing you to adjust your business activities accordingly. Sustainable Certification™ is well known for delivering speedy results in the best manner. This company was established with the sole purpose of improving the certification process in order to ensure strategic and timely delivery of certification services. Sustainable Certification™ cater to business within Australia and New Zealand as well as those outside these regions to ensure maximum coverage and benefits for all businesses.

Personal Service Transforms Your Certification Experience

Cookie cutter processes get the job done. However, it’s the personal connection between a certifier and its client that makes all the difference. According to Forbes magazine, connection in communication is essential to project success. It’s the foundation for successful customer relationships and lasting positive outcomes. Without this connection, which is made possible through personal service, important details can get missed.

Customized Solutions

Just like no one industry is the same, no one company is the cookie cutter of the other. Yet, some certification companies use the same scripts, the same process, the same solution for everyone. Yes, certification is standardized. But that doesn’t mean the service surrounding the certification has to be. Sustainable Certification is your life line in a complex world of certifications, processes, and standards. We head quality assurance off at the pass by providing customized solutions directly applicable to the way you do business, within certification standards.

Communication That Works

Once you hire Sustainable Certification, you will notice we are in regular communication with you. You get frequent updates on your project status and are well aware of any challenges we see with your certification. We fully identify issues and to bring you into compliance with provocative questioning. Rather that leaving it to your team to figure it out, we work with you and go above and beyond what is asked. A Sustainable Certification seal means more than basic certification, it means you were audited by and received consulting from top-notch certification experts. You are part of the Sustainable Certification family.

With our Online portal you have the freedom of choice! The when, where and how of communication is made very simple. Ask us how. Moreover you can use our portal to store your documents and share it with your colleagues!!

Expertise You Know and Trust

At Sustainable Certification, you know and trust the expertise behind your certification because you get to know your auditor and consultant. We act as your guides through the certification process and answer any questions you might have. We don’t just follow a checklist. We dig deep into your company to assure you are in full compliance. We challenge your thinking if you are using the best practices. When you work with Sustainable Certification, you aren’t just hiring someone outside your company to make sure you fit standards. You are hiring someone to “enable better performance” and to assure best practices save time, energy, and money.

Service After the Certification

We don’t disappear until next year, when your certification is due again. When you work with Sustainable Certification, you can see we care about the outcome of the projects we do together. We consider our relationship to be more than transactional, it’s driven by a deep interest in your success.

If you are interested in learning more about how working with Sustainable Certification is different than your current certifier, please reach out to us. You can call 1800 024 940 or email co@sustainablecertification.com.au. You can also get a call from us by filling out this simple form https://www.sustainablecertification.com.au/contact-us/

From there, we will contact you and explain how our personalized service can make all the difference in your business.

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