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How can Sustainable Certification help you win more Tenders?

Sustainable Certification is committed to partnering with you and assisting you in achieving the following:

  • -Improve your overall efficiency in the way you deliver your services/goods
  • -Expand your organisation and win more Tenders
  • -Enhance your Business Continuity
  • -Create new Opportunities in new Markets

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Why us

Why Us

Fast, easy, effortless ISO, AS/NZS & HACCP certification



Transferring Your Certification



Simple and affordable certification process through our cutting-edge online portal.



Training Courses for Corporate and Enterprise Risk Management.

Our Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

“To be recognised globally as the Certification Body of Choice, helping our customers achieve their goals and objectives while delivering progress through certification and training services”

Mission Statement

“To provide value added certification & training services to organisations globally which empower them to deliver sustained excellence, process improvement & increased profitability”.

Our Values

  • Customer Progress
  • Strong Supportive Relationships
  • Work Collaboratively with all stakeholders
  • Clear and Responsive Communications
  • Provide Efficient and transparent services through our world class technology systems

Why Sustainable Certification?

Our Customers partner with us because:

  • We are Collaborative in our audit and certification approach
  • Our Customer Centric Approach
  • Driven to help clients achieve their Goals and Objectives
  • Expert Auditors

Our ISO Certification and Compliance Auditing Services

We Make the Process Easy and Speedy.

Sustainable Certification™ delivers a wide selection of certification and compliance auditing services to organisations across a broad range of industries. With our support, you will see the capabilities of your company grow and develop, helping you to be better equipped to compete in a fast-paced, globalised market.

Why ISO matters?

ISO 9001

ISO 9001

Quality Management System

ISO 45001

ISO 45001

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

ISO 14001

ISO 14001

Environmental Management System



National Disability Insurance Scheme

ISO 27001

ISO 27001

Information Security Management System

ISO 22301

ISO 22301

Business Continuity Management System



Civil Contractors Federation

HACCP food safety


Food Safety



Information Security Systems Scheme

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At Sustainable Certification™, we understand the difficulties companies face.

The economy has never been faster-paced, and businesses are opening in a globalised market where they’re not just competing against local businesses, but similar companies from around the world. In this environment, finding a point of difference can be crucial, and achieving ISO or AS/NZS certification could be just the thing your organisation needs.

The Smarter Choice For Your Organisation

 Working with some of the most experienced auditors in the industry offers significant benefits for your business. To make the process smooth and non-intrusive, we select auditors for each project based on their knowledge and experience. We strive to match each company to an auditor who doesn’t just understand the standard, but has specialised knowledge of your business, so you’ll get better, faster answers to any questions you may have on your journey to compliance.


Efficient, agile and professional. Sustainable Certification™  is a boutique agency improving processes for businesses both nationally and internationally, by providing certification services covering the full spectrum of national and international standards. Aimed at innovation, we are determined to make certification easier, speedier and more valuable.

Easy and Simple

We stand apart in an old-fashioned and cumbersome industry by putting a focus on providing a streamlined, convenient service that cuts the red tape between you and your certification. We know your time is valuable, so we aim to minimise any disruptions to your business, allowing you to focus on growing your organisation as you work towards certification.

What Our Clients Say

Our audit went smoothly and was according to plan. The auditor was on time. The audit process was well explained in the pre audit meeting. The audit closing meeting was very informative and the auditor was happy to share and discuss areas where we can improve.

Maria Gomez
Eylex Pty Ltd

Key Customers

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How long does it take achieve ISO 9001 Certification?

The timeline for achieving ISO 9001 Certification is conditional upon how ready you are to commence the process.  It can range from 3 months to 12 months.  The key steps consist of:

1.Stage 1 (Gap Analysis+ Document Review)

2.Allowing atleast 3-6 months so you can implement your new system prior to undertaking a Stage 2 Certification assessment

What is involved to prepare for an ISO 9001 Audit?

There are a number of important things that you should do to ensure you are successfully prepared for the Audit:

  • You must ensure that your Employees have been trained and communicated the key parts of the ISO 9001 system that is applicable to them. They must also be aware the importance of ISO 9001 and why the organisation is going through the process.
  • Review your Documentation to ensure it is all up to date
  • Undertake an internal gap analysis
  • Make sure that the processes are internally being followed and adhered to

Please read this checklist to verify your readiness:
Is your organisation ready for certification?

How long does ISO 9001 Certificate valid for?

The ISO 9001 certificate is valid. For 3 years but you must ensure you undertake an Audit every 12 months to maintain your validity

How can Sustainable Certification help resolve your issues?

Sustainable Certification is your collaborative and trusted partner. We are dedicated to helping our clients

Client Testimonials

As a new client it was made easy to switch from a long-standing relationship to Sustainable Certification. A special call out to Maria Bouras & Renee Ladner who made the transition very easy. Very pleased so far

Faber-CastellCraig Hopwood

The auditor was excellent, he provided real life guidance to assist us during and after the audit. The auditor was also understanding in relation to new staff not being up to speed on all parts of the IMS system

Jason CliffJAC Pumps

Great company and auditor. very helpful and understanding of what was needed to assist me getting my company certified

Stephen SmolenaarsEngineering Construction Services

Sustainable Certification is more productive for our business and QMS. Sustainable Certification communications, websites are awesome!. Auditors are very good in auditing the systems and helping with good valuable advices , suggestions. Sustainable Certifications Auditors are good in doing evidence based and risk based analysis for each and every process and activities and this audit helps to improve our OHS/Environment and QMS requirements. Auditors depth knowledge is the key point of certification, also our ISO Consultants worked as a link between us and their support was great too.

Raj NayakManhari Metals

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