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ISO Certification & Accreditation Provider in Australia

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Sustainable Certification delivers a wide selection of services to organisations across a broad range of industries. With our support, you will see the capabilities  of your company grow and develop, helping you be better equipped to compete in a fast-paced, globalised market.


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A Progressive Approach to ISO Certification

Headquartered in Melbourne, we provide our services to businesses in every industry across Australia and other countries. Unlike other agencies, we’re upfront and transparent about any travel costs attached to providing our services – fees are locked in for the entire certification lifecycle and there is no lock-in contract. Choose an affordable, high-quality certification agency and contact us for an obligation free quote.


Efficient, agile and professional. Sustainable Certification is a boutique agency improving processes for businesses both nationally and internationally, by providing certification services covering the full spectrum of national and international standards. Aimed at innovation, we are determined to make certification easier, speedier and more valuable.

Easy and Simple

We stand apart in an old-fashioned and cumbersome industry by putting a focus on providing a streamlined, convenient service that cuts the red tape between you and your certification. We know your time is valuable, so we aim to minimise any disruptions to your business, allowing you to focus on growing your organisation as you work towards certification.

Peace of Mind

We’ve worked in this business long enough to know what it takes to offer added value to our customers. We not only help you cut costs of acquiring the certification but also enable you to receive it sooner through efficient processing methods. You are given complete access to track your application, thereby allowing you to adjust your business activities accordingly.


A Business Dedicated To Supporting Yours

At Sustainable Certification,we understand the difficulties companies face.The economy has never been faster-paced, and businesses are opening in a globalised market where they’re not just competing against local businesses,but similar companies from around the world.In this environment,finding a point of difference can be crucial,and achieving ISO or AS/NZS certification could be just the thing your organisation needs.Whether you’re looking to transfer your certification from another agency or are considering achieving compliance with a standard for the first time,we’re the team for you.

At the heart of our organisation is a dedication to transparency.We know how opaque the certification process can be,so we give you full vision of every step of the process through our state-of-the-art online portal.You’ll be able to view audit plans and the findings of any report as soon as they are completed,letting you strategize and implement changes faster.Store all of the documents you need for the certification in one place and always have them ready and waiting for the auditors with our help.

The Smarter Choice For Your Organisation

Working with some of the most experienced auditors in the industry offers significant benefits for your business.To make the process smooth and non-intrusive,we select auditors for each project based on their knowledge and experience.We strive to match each company to an auditor who doesn’t just understand the standard,but has specialised knowledge of your business,so you’ll get better,faster answers to any questions you may have on your journey to compliance.

Speak to the team at Sustainable Certification and find out how we could support you.Call us on +61 3 9328 3844 or 1800 024 940 to speak directly to our staff,or send us your questions via email at co@sustainablecertification.com.au a and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What People Say


” SC provides a value for money service, with easy access to the online portal. The entire process was easy to understand. The auditor is known to COMPLETE Urban having been involved in the certification of the CA&I Group for some years.”

Ian Grives | Complete Urban

“When I started looking for a ISO service provider I initially got quotes from 3 providers that I sourced from the internet. I received a response promptly from my internet inquiry and was followed up by SC who were a pleasure to deal with from the start. From the moment I engaged Sustainable I have felt confident that I made a sound business decision, which has resulted in a great outcome! Sustainable works out to be @$16K for 3 years of certification and your competitors were 20-30% more expensive.”

Scott Bradley | XLB Group

” This was our first audit with this company after being with another company for 10 years, Found our audit this year to be very stress free which isn’t normally the case with our previous auditor.”

Jacquie Stevens | D&J Stevens

“Pricing was right and we got a quote for the next three years, which is very good.”

Marko Salmela | Top Welding

“After dealing with several major certification companies over the years I found Sustainable certification the most prompt, accurate, friendly, reliable and easy to work with. To top all this off you are cheaper !!!!!!!.”

Billy Smith manager | Safety coaching

“Sustainable Certification were approximately $4,000 cheaper than SAI Global, however for the quotation on TFL Consulting & Design, SAI Global were over double the price of Sustainable.”

Tayt Lane | Great Southern Electrical

Questions? We're Here To Help

Speak to the team at Sustainable Certification and find out how we could support you. Call us on 1800 024 940 to speak directly to our staff, or send us your questions via email at co@sustainablecertification.com.au and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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