Sustainable Certification is now taking applications to the new CCF Code Version 10.

CCF Certification Services

It is a quality management system where a company must meet certain requirements in order to be certified and be re-certified every three years.

The criteria for meeting the certification are laid out by the CCF but implemented through state civil contractors federations along with industry auditors. During the process, all relevant documentation, records, and plans are examined in order to determine if the company is up to the standards. If successful, a certificate and license will be issued by the state or territory government. The CCF has certified more than 200 companies in Australia as of 2015.

During an audit, all relevant documentation must be available for review but records are not destroyed unless they no longer have value. Only relevant records should be handed over to auditors as requested. In some cases, the state government will have a list of required documentation in order to avoid any delays.

What Does CCF Certification Do?

The goal of certification is to improve quality and safety standards while allowing companies to compete for contracts by making them more accountable by certifying those that meet CCF standards. This means that the government can rely on a company as having met certain requirements for safety, health and standards. It also provides incentives to meet those requirements early rather than have them forced upon a company when problems arise.

The CCF certification number is obtained by companies that become certified through their respective state federation in which the board of directors or managers are elected. 

Do You Need CCF Certification? 

If a company does not have the CCF certification, it must be installed before a contract can be signed. This means that all the relevant documents and records at the company must be checked by the government agency so that they are CCF certified in order to ensure a safe workplace for their employees and protect the public should any problems arise.

The state associations have organizations such as construction reference groups or CRGs that develop industry standards, codes of practice, and guidance on how to become CCF certified. They also help companies develop their programs so that they can be applied for certification through the state federation and monitoring compliance to ensure that they maintain a certain standard while providing continuous improvement must be maintained throughout the process.

Get Started with Sustainable Certification

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The Process



We review your existing management systems in relation to requirements of the relevant standards for certification.


Stage 1 Audit

A review of your management system(s) documentation is undertaken as the first step in the certification process.


Certification Audit

The Certification Audit is conducted on site to verify that you have implemented the management system across your organisation.


Years 2 & 3: Certification Maintenance

We will conduct an annual Surveillance Audit to check the ongoing implementation of management systems across your organisation.

The Benefits

With the Civil Contractors Federation standard, you can

Show compliance: Your business demonstrates compliance to internationally recognised standards as well as requirements specific to the construction industry.

Increase your profits: Since you are complying with the standards and continually improving your processes, your efficiency and productivity increase and will highly likely to increase profits.

Boost sales: Your customers are satisfied because you cater to their needs,and so they place more orders with you.

Reduce staff turnover: With a proper construction management code in place,your workplace becomes safer which increases your staff morale, leading to low turnover rates.