To our valued clients - Please be advised that the deadline that migration/transition FROM: 18001 & 4801 TO: 45001 – is by the Date of: 1st of April 2021 – (as that is the deadline/date indicated by JAS ANZ).

Health & Safety Certification in Australia

The ISO 45001 is applicable to all types of organizations, regardless of size or industry. That means that the ISO 45001 certification can help your business grow and show how much you care about safety in the workplace for your employees. The ISO 45001 also includes specific guidance for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), so they can also benefit from ISO 45001 certification. The standard is built-in function of the methodology for OHSAS 18001, but it includes some specificities and new requirements.

How to Get ISO 45001 Certification

The responsibilities of the management are set by this international standard. It requires to be efficient in each step of its safety planning, even if a higher level or severity will lead to a more developed safety system. It also ensures worker participation and empowerment in their own security.

The ISO 45001 certification will help you define your OHSAS 18001 management system, by showing what is expected of you as an organization. After that, it will give you access to other related international standards, which gives you a better understanding of the risks and the means to control them.

In order to receive ISO 45001 certification, organizations must follow five steps: assessment, planning, implementation, audit, and improvement. The organization will benefit from this process by gaining access to other international quality standards (ISO 9001 or ISO 13485).

ISO 45001 Process

The ISO 45001 certification process consists of:

– Analysis and planning of OHSAS 18001 management systems;

– Implementation, evaluation and documentation of the system;

– Auditing the implementation and finalization of your safety plan.

– The ISO 45001 is intended for all types of organizations, small, medium, or large.

– ISO 45001 certification can be achieved up to three months after the start of the process.

– The cost of ISO 45001 certification is variable depending on your location.

– Improve your organization and receive the ISO 45001 certification to show how much you care about your employees’ health and safety at work!

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The Process



We review your existing management systems in relation to requirements of the relevant standards for certification.


Stage 1 Audit

A review of your management system(s) documentation is undertaken as the first step in the certification process.


Certification Audit

The Certification Audit is conducted on site to verify that you have implemented the management system across your organisation.


Years 2 & 3: Certification Maintenance

We will conduct an annual Surveillance Audit to check the ongoing implementation of management systems across your organisation.

The Benefits

With the ISO 45001 standard, you can

Maintain a safer and healthier work environment: Implementing ISO 45001 standard will help reduce accidents and injuries at your workplace, contributing to safer and healthier environment.

Decrease downtime: Ill and injured employees decrease productivity levels. The ISO 45001 is aimed at safety, ensuring that all of your employees will work in a safe environment.

Decrease costs: Implementing this standard can protect your business from legal actions and limit/eliminate fines. Additionally, may allow you to get lower insurance premiums.

Boost employee morale: With the implementation of this standard, it has been consistently proven that workforce delivers a better performance.

Demonstrate your commitment: Implementing an ISO 45001 shows that you are committed to the safety of your employees.

Earn credibility: The ISO 45001 builds your credibility by ascertaining that your business follows a standardised occupational health and safety management system.