ISO 27001 Certification: DESE Information Security Systems Scheme

Comply with business, contractual, legal, and regulatory requirements by getting an ISO 27001 Certification: DESE Information Security Systems Scheme.

What is the DESE Information Security Management Systems Scheme?

Today, many organizations are at risk of a breach of security. To protect critical information from hackers, companies are looking to hire people that are ISO 27001 certified. If you are preparing or looking for work in Australia, you’ll be directed to one of many companies that has contractual agreements with the Department of Education, Skills, and Employment (DESE).

The DESE ISMS Scheme requires job seekers to be compliant with information security requirements that keep up with the ever-changing cybersecurity risks to keep information secure. To ensure you are successful in your DESE ISMS scheme certification, you need to ensure you partner with our reputable certification body, have the right audit duration, and get support throughout the audit lifecycle.

The Department of Education, Skills and employment has mandated that any providers of Employment skills training and disability employment services must meet the requirements of the framework by March 2024. [Ready for Certification]

Why Work With Us

Sustainable Certification™ offers a seamless approach to achieving the certifications you need to stand apart from the competition. Our knowledgeable auditors will tailor every project to your ISO 27001 certification requirements. Apart from making your certification fast and easy, we offer access to our online portal so you can view and store your certification documents.

Benefits of Getting the ISO 27001 Certification

Meet Contractual Requirements

Whether you’re looking or preparing to look for a job, meeting contractual obligations with DESE increases your chances of employability. Key benefits to organisations that achieve certification to the DESE ISMS Scheme consist of continual fulfilment of obligations to provide services, focus on meeting and exceeding customer expectations for secured information, and minimising risks of breaches and exposure of your organisation.

Demonstrates Your Customer Commitment

The ISMS Scheme provides a detailed list of controls needed to protect sensitive customer information. Certifying these controls shows companies your ongoing dedication to protecting customer information so they may give you a job.

Improves Your Risk Management Process

Comprehensive controls from the Australian Government Information Security Manual together with a custom ISMS based on ISO 27001, show companies that you are compliant with best cybersecurity practices.

Become ISO 27001 Certified with Our Globally Qualified Team

Whether you’re looking or preparing to look for a job, Sustainable Certification™ is the best place to get your DESE 27001 certification. [Learn More]