ISO 9001 Certification Cost

  • – Meets the Demands of your Customers
  • – Identify and Respond to Business Risks
  • – Decrease Issues related to Performance
  • – Higher Customer Retention
  • – Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • – Improve overall Business resilience

Find out More about what ISO 9001 Certification is all about

ISO 9001 will ensure that your organisation a significant and important competitive advantage. This will ensure that you maximise your chances to win more government contracts and tenders.

ISO 9001 certification helps you maintain excellence as well as consistent performance.

ISO 9001 Certification is an important standard designed to help businesses improve their operations at all levels.

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What are the benefits of ISO 9001 Certification?

Challenge How does ISO 9001 assist Benefits
Client Satisfaction
  • It enables you to more appropriately manage customer satisfaction
  • Enables you determine customer requirements
  • It assists you in being able to produce a better quality service/product
  • It also helps in producing more improved customer satisfaction improving your overall customer retention
  • ISO 9001 automatically gives you a greater opportunity to successfully win more tenders due to reputation of ISO 9001.
  • It also assists in building credibility amongst your prospective customers
  • Improves your overall reputation in the market
  • Gives your organisation a competitive advantage
Continuous Improvement
  • ISO 9001 helps your organisation establish a culture of continuous improvement which enables your organisation to deliver better quality outputs
  • Improves your overall bottomline
  • Improves your overall efficiency of delivery

Customer Feedback on ISO 9001 Certification

As a new client, it was made easy to switch from. Long-standing relationship to Sustainable Certification. A special call out to Maria Bouras + Renee Ladner who made the transition very easy. Very pleased so far

Craig Hopwood, Faber Castell

Great company and Auditor. Very helpful and understanding of what was needed to assist me getting my company certified

All Auditer's we have had from Sustainable have been of the highest professional manner, always willing to help, explain and diagnose areas of improvement. Thank you.

Kathleen Watson Hospital Products Australia

How to get ISO 9001 Certification in Australia?

There are a number of key steps that one of our Customer servie representatives will walk you through:

Step 01

Optional Pre-Assessment:

When you are not sure if your system meets the requirements of the standard, you can request for a review your existing management systems. One of our auditors will evaluate your system against the standard and will give you a report to assist you with fixing gaps before proceed to Stage1

Step 02

Stage 1 Audit:

A review of your management system(s) documentation against the standard is undertaken. This is the first step in the certification process.

Step 03

Certification Audit:

The Certification Audit is conducted on site to verify that you have effectively implemented your own management system across your organisation.

Step 04

Years 2 and 3:

We will conduct Surveillance Audit at least once every 12 months to check the ongoing implementation of management systems across your organisation. Our ISO 9001 Certificate is valid for 3 years and you will have access to our Online portal which gives you access to Audit Plans, Audit Reports, Invoices, Resources and tools etc

How long does it take to get ISO 9001 Certification Requirements?

ISO 9001 Certification can take up to 6 months to build a system that meets the requirements with the help of an external consultant and allow up to 3 months of implementation before proceeding with the certification audit.

What does ISO 9001 Certification Cost?

ISO 9001 Certification costs is based on a number of key factors including:

  • 1. Number of Employees (Full Time, Part time)
  • 2. How many Permanent Locations are being certified
  • 3. Scope of Operations
  • 4. Nature of Industry
  • 5. Daily Rate of Lead Auditor

You must obtain ISO 9001 Certification through a 3rd party Certification body. Sustainable Certification is reputable for its collaborative approach in helping you deliver improved customer satisfaction.

ISO 9001:2015 is currently the updated version of the standard and is important for your business because it helps you improve your overall customer satisfaction, helps you drive a better standard of continuous improvement and also helps improve your overall reputation amongst your stakeholders.

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What are the ISO 9001 Certification Requirements?

ISO 9001 is extremely important to your organisation in order to improve your overall ability to deliver better customer satisfaction and to give you a better competitive advantage.

ISO 9001 certification is important to any business as it is the cornerstone of any well run organisation. Through ISO 9001 you will improve your efficiency of customer delivery, customer satisfaction and also supplier and stakeholder relationship management improvement.

There are 10 key clauses of the ISO 9001:2015 standard and they follow the PDCA Model (Plan, Do, Check, Act)

It is important to undertake a Gap Analysis prior to going for ISO 9001 certification to ensure your system meets these requirements.

The 10 Clauses are Listed Below:

  • Clause 1: Scope
  • Clause 2: Normative References
  • Clause 3: Terms and Definitions
  • Clause 4: Context of the Organisation
    • 4.1) Understanding the organisation and its context
    • 4.2) Understanding needs and expectations of interested parties
    • 4.3) Determining the scope of the QMS
    • 4.4) QMS System and its processes
  • Clause 5: Leadership
    • 5.1) Leadership and Commitment
    • 5.1.1) Leadership and Commitment for the QMS
    • 5.1.2) Customer Focus
    • 5.2) Policy
    • 5.2.1) Establishing the Quality Policy
    • 5.2.2) Communicating the Quality Policy
    • 5.3) Organisational Roles, Responsibilities and Authorities
  • Clause 6: Planning
    • 6.1 Actions to address risks and opportunities
    • 6.2 Quality objectives and planning to achieve them
    • 6.3 Planning of changes
  • Clause 7: Support
    • 7.1 Resources
    • 7.1.1 General
    • 7.1.2 People
    • 7.1.3 Infrastructure
    • 7.1.4 Environment for the operation of processes
    • 7.1.5 Monitoring and measuring resources
    • 7.1.6 Organisational knowledge
    • 7.2 Competence
    • 7.3 Awareness
    • 7.4 Communication
    • 7.5 Documented information
    • 7.5.1 General
    • 7.5.2 Creating and updating documented information
    • 7.5.3 Control of documented information
  • Clause 8: Operation
    • 8.1 Operational planning and control
    • 8.2 Requirements for products and services
    • 8.3 Design and development of products and services
    • 8.4 Control of externally provided processes, products, and services
    • 8.5 Product and service provision
    • 8.6 Release of products and services
    • 8.7 Control of nonconforming outputs
  • Clause 9: Performance Evaluation
    • 9.1 Monitoring, measurement, analysis, and evaluation
    • 9.1.2 Customer satisfaction
    • 9.2 Internal audit
    • 9.3 Management review
  • Clause 10: Improvement
    • 10.1 General
    • 10.2 Nonconformity in ISO 9001
    • 10.2 What is non-conformance?
    • 10.2 Corrective action
    • 10.3 Continual improvement

To find out more about ISO 9001 requirements, please contact Sustainable Certification today.

ISO 9001 Certification Requirements Clauses