Conflict Of Interest

As part of our Risk Management processes, Sustainable Certification™ is absolutely committed to the identification, and satisfactory resolution of any Conflict of Interest (COI) situation. We recognise that the perception of any person or organisation, is the reality of that person or organisation – therefore we commit to pro-active stakeholder communication aimed at identifying potential COI situations and addressing those situations in a manner acceptable to all stakeholders. For the purposes of this Policy, Conflict of Interest can be defined as: “Where the interests of Sustainable Certification™ , its Directors, Officers, Staff, Consultants, Contractors or other material parties, may differ to the interests of the organisation, its customers or clients either directly or indirectly”


All persons and organisations associated with Sustainable Certification™ are required to disclose in a signed standard document (from within our management system), any situation of which they are aware, or from time-to-time become aware, which involves:

1 . the offer or acceptance of benefits, fees or gifts

2 . the seeking or using of influence to secure advantage

3 . pecuniary obligation to subordinates, superiors,clients or suppliers of goods or services

4 . improper political activity

5 . employment, occupation or voluntary work in any capacity with any person or organisation where a COI may exist

6 . personal interests at odds with the organisational interests

7 . offering or holding office with public or private organisations, including Sustainable Certification™

8 . shareholding or beneficial interests in public or private organisations

9 . personal financial advantage outside of normal employment situations

and which may be perceived as potentially being a Conflict of Interest.

Chief Executive Officer
Sustainable Certification™ Pty Ltd
July 2012

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