Trade Practices Act

As part of our compliance processes, Sustainable Certification™ is absolutely committed to compliance with the legislative requirements of the Trade Practices Act, the Sale of Goods Act, and to maintaining high ethical standards in all of our activities.

We recognize our duty of care in the provision of products and services and are committed to:

1 . Selling goods and services only where we have the right to do so

2 . Ensuring descriptions of goods and services do not exceed the attributes and / or capabilities of those goods and services

3 . Ensuring our marketing material is accurate and not misleading

4 . Using logos appropriately, and in accordance with the requirements of the logo proprietor / licensing authority

5 . Providing goods and services which are of merchantable quality and where samples are representative of the whole

6 . Selling goods and providing services which are reasonably fit for the purposes made known to us

7 . Protection of the rights of the consumer

8 . Identifying areas where compliance with standards is required or desirable and meeting the requirements of those standards in our provision of goods and services

9 . Rendering services with care and skill

10 . Remaining within the scope of our objectively evidenced skills

11 . Dealing fairly with our customers, suppliers and partnering organizations

12 . Maintaining Insurance cover to safeguard consumers in the event of our failing

Chief Executive Officer
Sustainable Certification™ Pty Ltd
July 2012

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