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As part of our compliance processes, Sustainable Certification™ is absolutely committed to the identification of the need, and creation of satisfactory processes for, handling matters where Privacy is of concern. This includes compliance with the Privacy Act 1988, and the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector Amendment) Act 2000 and requirements to which our organisation subscribes. We recognise and adhere to the National Privacy Principles (NPP) and state our commitment to the following statements.

Sustainable Certification™ will:

1 . Collect personal information only by lawful and fair means and only where it is necessary for our activities, and only with the person’s consent

2 . Ensure any information is only used for the purposes originally intended, unless consent of the person is obtained, except in matters of law enforcement, public safety or protection of our organisation from fraudulent activities

3 . Ensure as much as is practicable that all information collected is accurate

4 . Be open in our dealings

5 . Document our practices and make these processes available to stakeholders upon request

6 . Ensure persons are afforded the right of access to, and correction or explanation of the information we collect, provided that the access, correction or explanation does not infringe upon the Privacy of a third party

7 . Ensure we do not use an identifier originating from a government agency (e.g. Medicare number, Tax File Number or the like)

8 . Will respect the right of anonymity where lawful and practicable

9 . Ensure we do not transfer personal information to another country if we believe the information is protected by National Privacy Principles (NPP’s) or the like

10 . Be sensitive about the collection of personal information including a person’s health, political beliefs, religious beliefs, affiliations, sexual preference and the like. Such information will only be collected where it is imperative to our operations

11 . Ensure contracts with external goods and / or service providers adequately address the NPP’s, including the destruction of personal information at the conclusion of the contract, or within a judicious period

12 . Afford access to our internal Corrective & Preventive Action / Grievance/ Issue Resolution systems in order to redress any perception of our breaching the Act, the NPP’s, or this Policy Statement

Chief Executive Officer
Sustainable Certification™ Pty Ltd
July 2012

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