Corporate Governance Policy

As part of our compliance processes, Sustainable Certification™ is absolutely committed to management of corporate governance in accordance with the requirements of AS 8000 standard, throughout all of our activities.

Our aim is to control our governance processes in order to preserve, maintain and increase shareholder wealth, and to positively influence the perceptions of other stakeholders, whilst minimising the adverse effects associated with poor corporate governance.

We are committed to:

1. Establishing documented systems covering Board protocols

2. Effective delegation of Responsibility, Authority and Accountability at Board, Management and operational levels

3. Dealing effectively and efficiently with breaches of our corporate governance systems

4. Effective and Efficient complaints handling

5. The implementation of Internal and External Audit systems

6. Timely and complete reporting to shareholders and regulators

7. Education and Training of relevant personnel in good corporate governance

8. Effectively discharging our Disclosure and Transparency obligations

9. Preserving and respecting the rights of Shareholders; and treating shareholders equitably

10. Ensuring shareholders are aware of their responsibilities

11. Implementing fraud management systems in accordance with AS 8001

12. Establishing organisational Codes of Conduct in accordance with AS 8002

13. Discharging our Corporate Social Responsibilities in accordance with AS 8003

We accept the corporate Board is responsible for these matters, and I personally accept my responsibility in ensuring the Board discharges these responsibilities.

Further, we commit to Continual Improvement in our corporate governance processes.

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