Human Relations

Sustainable Certification™ is absolutely committed to human relations which:

1 . Show consideration for people, their rights, and abilities

2 . Promote pride in what we do and how we do it

3 . Engender a positive Team Spirit

4 . Raise the self esteem of the individual, to levels which reflect their abilities

5 . Value time, whilst focusing on the task at hand and being graceful with people

6 . Value customers as integral to the success of ourselves and our organisation

7 . Place great value on appeals, grievances and complaints as a source of valuable input aimed at improving our people, products and services

8 . Value the individuality of people, as our greatest asset

9 . Provide for the Access and Equity principles

10 . Provide for flexibility in the way we achieve our outcomes, whilst facilitating the needs of the individuals involved

11 . Provide for the diversity of individuals, their varying skills and abilities

12 . Give active, meaningful, relevant and timely feedback

13 . Recognise the skills, knowledge, attributes and qualifications individuals bring into situations

14 . Provide for fair disciplinary and reward procedures

15 . Give the value it deserves to negative actions such as harassment, bullying, victimisation, discrimination, racial vilification and unequal opportunity

16 . Raise the skills and knowledge of individuals, and reward people in a fair and equitable manner

We are committed to the creation and maintenance of Polices, Procedures and processes which support the achievement of these aims.

Chief Executive Officer
Sustainable Certification™ Pty Ltd
July 2012

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