OHS & Welfare

As part of our compliance processes, Sustainable Certification™ is absolutely committed to:

1 . Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare for all stake holders

2 . Ensuring that any applicable OHS legislation and regulatory compliance requirements are adhered to

3 . Using our internal and external resources required to execute our OHS duties

Our objective is to create and maintain a workplace that is free from hazards. In recognition of our duty of care to all persons in the workplace, we have developed and maintained processes for:

1 . Identification of OHS+W specific responsibilities and accountabilities within our position description and compliance with those responsibilities

2 . Provide a safe and healthy working environment for all stakeholders of SCPL

3 . Ensure all SCPL contractors comply with all PPE requirements as per SCPL procedure requirements

4 . Ensure all contractors have provided and maintained up to date insurances prior to performing any work orders with SCPL

5 . We will aim to review this policy on an annual basis

Swami Nathan
Chief Executive Officer
Sustainable Certification™ Pty Ltd
18th December 2020

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