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At Sustainable Certification™ we value your business and respect our moral and legal obligations with regard to trade via the Internet. The following information is provided to you, in order for you to make an informed decision as to whether you may or may not wish to deal with us.

We commit to:

1 . All transactions being in Australian Dollars (AUD$)

2 . Services being delivered within 48 hours of payment being received

3 . Products being despatched as quickly as is realistically possible – stock items within 48 hours; custom made items will be scheduled for production within 48 hours of approval by you, and despatched within 48 hours of completion


We will maintain web-based security by:

1 . Using a reliable and secure third party payment processor for online payment processing and not storing any credit card details

2 . Using 128 bit SSL (Secured Socket Layer) based transactions (or greater)

3 . Using intruder detection software and maintaining procedures to deal with any actual or suspected breach of web-based security

4 . Using firewalls which are regularly up-dated to preclude entry to unauthorised persons / systems


In addition we will:

1 . Promptly refund 100% of any amount we mistakenly charged you

2 . Promptly refund any amount we charged you as a result of your own error, less a reasonable administration charge less than or equal to 5% of the amount charged in error

3 . Refund any charges for items or services which are of substandard quality, which do not comply with description or sample or which breach any of our statutory or regulatory obligations, once defective items are returned for credit

4 . Maintain the customer service contact as “the Certification Manager, Sustainable Certification™ , Level 5, 326 William Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, email co@sustainablecertification.com.sg or telephone 1800 024 940

Chief Executive Officer
Sustainable Certification™ Pty Ltd
July 2012

To find out more give us a call on 1800 024 940

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